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Publishing Date- 19th August 2020

Author- Ruhi Choudhary

Genre- Mystery & Thriller


This is what I called Perfect Mystery Thriller story. From page one the story is gripping and till the end its blows you away.

This is Author Ruhi Choudhary Debut novel and I must say Great Debut!!!

As a reader I enjoyed every character, every plot and the thrill in the story. The plot twists in the story are amazing and keeps you on guessing. I can bet you won’t be able to guess the main culprit till the end, and that’s what make a perfect Mystery Thriller Novel.

Adequate amount of details is enough to keep you guessing and it becomes a page turner.

I bet that you will fall in love with the main character Mackenzie Price, the detective. Whole story revolves around her and the way she did her investigation work is amazing. Like every mystery thriller, she also has flaw and I think having some flaw in main character is 101 rule to write an amazing mystery thriller novel.

I really liked the investigation process in the story and it’s very realistic. As a reader I felt like apart from enjoying reading book I’m also getting adequate information on how an investigation proceed.

The main character is the highlight of the story. Her flaw, her never give up attitude, her urge to find out the motives behind abducting and killing is worth reading.

Every chapter in this book are perfectly written and all the plots and chapters are well related to each other. This book is a ‘Masterpiece’.

Overall this book is amazing and every reader should read this book. This kind of book really made my day. I feel so good after reading this book. As a reader I enjoyed every single word.



How many secrets can one town bury?

When she was just twelve years old, Mackenzie Price came home to find her father bleeding to death on the kitchen floor. She will never forget that night, nor what her mother asked her to do…

Twenty years later, Detective ‘Mack’ Price is back in Lakemore, despite vowing never to return. Determined to atone for the sins of the past, she is unstoppable in her quest for justice.

When eighteen-year-old Abigail Correia goes missing, Mack is convinced that the case is linked to Erica Perez, who disappeared exactly one year before. Unlike Abby, Erica is the daughter of one of the town’s most powerful men, but still no trace of her has been found. 

As Mack endeavours to find Abby and bring her back alive, she and her team unearth a shocking secret at the heart of this small town. But that is not the only secret that lurks beneath the surface, as Mack knows only too well… 

The first book in the Detective Mack Price series, Hidden Lake is a haunting and utterly unputdownable crime thriller, perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Angela Marsons and Karin Slaughter.

Big thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for providing me the eARC. This is my honest review. Hope you guys will also enjoy this book.

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

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Published- 2015

Author- Sarah J. Maas

Genre- Fantasy, Romance

I’m not gonna lie. This is my first fantasy book that I had ever read. Few months back I asked my bookish friends to suggest me some good fantasy book and they suggested me this book to read.

I really wanna thanks my friends because when I completed reading this book I became a huge fan of Sarah J. Maas.

About Story-

The story is set in a wondrous realm of faeries and mortals. The main female protagonist of the story is nineteen-year old Feyre. She fights every day for survival in cold and harsh environment for living along with her family.

One day while hunting she kills a wolf and that incident changes her life forever. Later on in the story it turns out that Feyre has not killed only a wolf, but a Faerie. Now she has to pay the price by leaving her family to enter the Fae land and live there forever with her captor Tamlin.

Later on in the story you will find out Why she is in the Faerie world?

What she has to do to get out from this world?

From where faerie gets their magic?

How she can unite with her family?

Who is Tamlin?

Why he has held Fayre captive?

What he actually wants from her?

My Review-

When I start reading this book I was getting a vibe of Beauty and the Beast. There are few similarities but still this book is way different from the beauty and the beast.

Starting pages of this book is slow but you can’t judge a book by reading only few pages. Slowly the plots take turn and ignites my interest to read more. Sarah J. Maas writing style won’t allow you to leave the book in middle. I can really feel the passion, love, intense in the intimate part of the story. Also I can feel the pain, sorrow, guilt, grief in the story. Perfect balance of all the emotions, which make this book more wonderful and worth reading.

I really like the Fayre character. Strong, independent girl who knows her mind and strives to save her loved once.

The whole story is being narrated by Fayre herself and the author Sarah had done impeccable job to make the protagonist real, mature and loveable in this fantasy, romance book.

Overall all this book is great and so beautiful. Anyone can read this book. This book is one of the highly rated book by me.

MY RATING- 4.5/5

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

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Publishing Date- 2nd March 2021

Author- Trish Doller

Genre- Contemporary Romance

It’s been ages since I read any romantic novel and this book reminds me all those feeling we feel when we are in love. There is no better word to put but definitely this book will tickle your all corner of heart and will make you to fall in love again.

About Book-

‘Anna Beck’ our main character, spend her last year in grief. She lost her fiancé. She doesn’t know how to move on from this grief that she is carrying for one year.

Finally, she takes a bold decision and decides to go on a solo trip which her fiance had planned with her. She sets off in their sailboat and intended to complete the trip that her fiancé had planned.

But during her solo journey to the island of Caribbean she faced mountains of hurdles which she doesn’t know how to handle it. So, then she decides to hire a professional sailor to help her to get to Puerto Rico.

Like Anna, ‘Keane’ is also struggling with his life and together they both sail to find out meaning of their life and all the possibility they have to rebuild their life once again.

My Review-

Before reading this book I read the short description about this book and at that time I decided that I have to read this book ASAP.

I know there are loads of books related to travel or finding meaning in life but what separate this book from other is the writing style and the characters.

Anna Beck who decided to go on a trip just because she wants to fulfill her fiancé dream but during the journey she learned so much about herself, her happiness which totally changed her life and transformed her into a better version of Anna Beck.

Keane despite from his tragedy he never gives up on his dream and wanted to fulfill his dream anyhow. He never wanted to be judge differently, he just wanted to be seen as a normal guy which make Anna to develop an attraction or feeling for him.

This book will make you happy and it will definitely help you to find light in dark. Also will motivate you to live your life at maximum height.

What really makes this book Interesting?

People always don’t know what to do in their life? This book will help to find meaning in your life.

Love stories are common but love stories which takes you on a journey with sea and beautiful island are rare.

The uplifting story and the slow building chemistry between Anna and Keane is so charming and loving that will make you read this book again and again.

MY RATING- 3.5/5

Want to Thanks Netgalley and St. Martin Press for providing me eARC. This is my honest review.

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

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Lately I’d watched loads of anime. Apart from reading, watching anime is also one of my hobby. My whole childhood was spending around Dragonball Z and Naruto, so you can say that anime is something I really like from my childhood.

Last two weeks I’d watched few anime which are worth mentioning to all the readers. If you’re a someone who watch anime or don’t know which anime to watch than this post will help you to pick few anime which will change your mind and I’m damn sure that at the end you’ll thanks me.


  1. The Promised Neverland (IMDB Rating- 8.8)-

Episode- 12

Released- 2019

Genre- Mystery, Horror

Those who’d watched this anime already knows about the greatness of this anime. I’m 100% sure that I’d never watched this kind of anime in my life which blows my mind.

The story is set in the year 2045, where main protagonist Emma, Ray and Norman lives in an orphanage along with 30 plus children. They get everything they want, great meal, comfy bed, clean clothes, games and love of “Mama”, the caretaker. Emma along with her two best friend always top the regular exam. The orphans have complete freedom. They can do anything they want expect that they are not allowed to go beyond the boundary of the gate.

One day Emma and Norman discovered that those who get adopted from the orphanage where never send to the foster family, instead they were killed and sold as meat to species called Demon. After knowing the truth, Emma and Norman try to find a way to escape from the orphanage along with their siblings.

  • Haikyuu (S4) (IMDB Rating-9)-

Episode- 13

Released- 2020

Genre- Sport-Drama

I’m big fan of this anime and already watched the first three season. This anime is easily available on Netflix and I bet you’ll never feel bored even for a minute. This whole series is so gripping that I’d finished the whole season in a single day.

After the triumphant victory, the Karasuno High School volleyball team has earned their long-awaited ticket to nationals. As preparations begin, genius setter Tobio Kageyama is invited to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp, where he can develop and sharpen his skills. Meanwhile, Kei Tsukishima is invited to a special rookie training camp for first-years within the Miyagi Prefecture. Hinata also boldly decides to go to the same rookie training camp as Tsukishima without any invitation. Where he lands himself a job as the ball boy, he comes to see this as a golden opportunity. He begins to not only reflect on his skills as a volleyball player but also analyze the plethora of information available on the court and how he can apply it.
As the much-anticipated national tournament approaches, the members of Karasuno’s volleyball team attempt to overcome their weak points and refine their skills, all while aiming for the top!

(After watching this season I was dying to watch 5th season.)

  • Dr. Stone (IMDB Rating- 8.2)-

Episode- 24

Released- 2019

Genre- adventure, Sci-fi

Humanity took 2 million years to build civilization but have you ever thought that what will happen when we’ve to build our civilization again. If you never thought about that than do check this anime to find all the answers.

A mysterious flash of light petrified nearly all human life. After 3700 years later protagonist Senku suddenly revived and found himself that he is the only human alive in the world. Later on he set into mission to build the civilization again along with his friends who revived few months later.


  1. Hyouka (IMDB Rating- 7.8)-

Episode- 22

Released- 2012

Genre- Mystery, Coming Age Drama, School Life

  • B The Beginning (IMDB Rating 7.2)-

Episode- 12

Released- 2018

Genre- Psychological Thriller, Sci-fi

So, Tell me which anime is your Favorite?

Which Genre you prefer most?

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Publishing Date- 3rd August 2020

Author- Rob Sinclair

Genre- Mystery & Thriller

When I was reading this book I wasn’t aware that it’s a third part of the series. Throughout the reading I never felt that I missed something or I need to know something about the characters. I felt that it can be consider as a standalone novel and Yes, I’m definitely gonna read first two series of the book.

About Story-

The story starts with court room drama related to Protagonist DI Dani Stephans previous case. The story kicks in when a woman found drowned in a bathtub.

Later on Dani found out that it’s a murder and after that the thrilling, suspenseful journey begins to haunt down the murderer.

Dani and her most trusted partner DS Easton begins their investigation where they unfolded loads of secrets and hidden identities, human trafficking and many more.

Her past haunts her, she is still reeling from the previous case that left her boyfriend in the hospital.

Can she will be able to find the mastermind behind all this hideous crime? & Most importantly, can she will be able to catch the mastermind?

These all answers we’ll get in this book.

My Review-

Rob Sinclair is the author and this is my first read from this author. He has done a great job in this third series of the book.

This book should be a definition of thriller and mystery. I bet loads of hardwork he had put into this book to make this book a masterpiece. He really gained my appreciation and I’m definitely gonna read his other books also.

While reading I find that Dani was really in complex situation in few of the times and the way she comes out from the situation or the way she handles the complex situation is really great to read and makes the book more engaging and interesting.

DS Easton also played a great role and there was a scene in the book where he engages into fight shows that everyone has their personally problems which sometimes make you a bad person but Dani always trusted his partner, and this is the one of the highlight of the story. (I haven’t explained the scenario properly because I don’t want to give any spoiler.)

Seriously I don’t know what happened in the first two part but this third part of the series have enough scenes which gives you a better idea to what might have happened in past.

The Character Ben, Dani’s brother seriously has some dark shades but in this book it’s hasn’t shown any.

What really makes this book interesting?

The writing style and a strong plot makes this book really interesting. The author had left me hanging in every chapter which really excite me to finish this book ASAP.

Dani and Easton friendship and the bond they share is also warming and during their conversation I was feeling very happy. I don’t know why, but it just makes me happy.

There is another character, Ana who also helps to bring more thrill and interest in this book.

Overall this book is amazing and I’m definitely gonna recommend this book to all the mystery and thriller lovers. This book is must read book for every thriller & mystery lover.

MY RATING- 4.5/5

Want to Thanks Netgalley and Canelo for providing me eARC. This is my honest review.

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

Don’t forget to share your opinion on the comment section.


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Publishing Date- 23rd July 2020

Author-  Kerry Wilkinson

Genre- Mystery & Thriller

I’m really grateful to Netgalley & Bookouture for giving me eARC of this book. I really enjoyed reading this book and here is my honest review on this book.

About Book-

Abi return to her hometown Elwood after two decades because of her father’s death. The moment she arrived to her hometown she became an eye witness of a hit and run case. A car hit an eight-year-old boy and ran away and she is the only one who was present at the scene.

Later on she found out that the boy was her friend Jo’s son. Abi who wants to leave the town as soon as possible later found one reason or another to stay a bit longer in the town.

Than the whole story focuses on Abi past, her way of seeing things, her feelings and her personal life along with finding out who was the person behind the wheel who hit the child.

My Review-

The story is more focused on Abi and the author had portrayed Abi character beautifully. I really feel connected with the Abi character. I have read loads of books but Abi character will be very close to my heart.

The way writer had written all characters is an appreciable work and not only Abi, Jo’s character, Holly Character, Mark Character are all very well written.

Although the story is quite predictable but I think author had done a tremendous job to keeps on engaging the readers. There are lots of emotions in the story and sometime it’s overflowing with emotions but as a reader I liked it.

This is my first book from this author and I think it won’t be last. Kerry Wilkinson is a great author and I’m definitely gonna read his other books also.

What really makes this book interesting?

Abi past, her personal struggles, her narration and point of view are few things which make this book interesting. Apart from Abi’s character, reader will also find simplicity in writing and anyone can read this book because of the simple writing style.

There is no thrill in any scene or less thrill in few scenes. It’s only the characters which will keep you hook.

My Rating- 3/5

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

Don’t forget to share your opinion on the comment section.


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Publishing Date– 5th July 2020

Author– John Maher

Genre– Mystery & Thriller

I want to thanks the Publisher Inkubator Books and Netgalley for this eARC. This is my first eARC and the feeling is some amazing because you know you’re reading novels before publishing. So, it’s a kind of luxurious feeling for me.

My review of this book will be honest.

About Story-

The main Character of this story Detective Lucy O’Hara the Forensic Linguistic expert investigate the murder of popular archeologist Philip Carlton.

In the start of the story Philip Carlton committed suicide and later on through the brilliance of Lucy and her team they found out that it’s not a suicide, it’s a forced suicide.

So, Lucy with her team set in a mission to find out who is the man behind Philip’s murder and who is “The Collector”.

My Insights-

John Maher is the Author of this book and I can say his writing style is different from other authors because in this book he was very much focus in detailing every scene which eventually leads into distracting the reader.

As a reader I never feel connected and honestly I lost my interest while reading this book. I appreciate the writing style of the author because I find his style very unique but I don’t think his style is suitable for Mystery & Thriller genre.

In Mystery & Thriller Genre in some point or scene a pace is require to keep engage your reader but in this whole book I never found any scene engaging.

The mid part of this book is dull and I believe that anyone will leave this book incomplete because there is nothing exciting or new to offer to the readers.

I loved the Lucy O’Hara character and I feel that she is the only good thing in the story.

Honestly I’m not gonna recommend this book to anyone. Anyone can skip this book as there are millions of bestsellers available in the market.

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Hello, everyone so I’m writing this blog just to brief you about my current readings. So thing blog will be short and crisp. Do read the complete blog.


I’m reading this book call “The Collector by John Maher” a mystery thriller. I’m a big fan of mystery thriller so Yes, I prefer this genre mostly. I received this book from Netgalley (an eARC) and I’m very thankful for that. I’m alomost done with 80% of the reading and soon I’ll write the review on this book. So yes, you guessed it right my next blog will be a review of “The Collector”.


Again a Thriller Book I’m reading currently call “The child Across the Street by Kerry Wilkinson”. I have completed only 15% of this book so I’m not in any better situation to tell you something about this. All I can tell you that I received this eARC from Netgalley and I’m very thankful about this. I’ll finish this book as soon as I can and this book is interesting.


I bet that this book is awesome because I heard a lot about this book and when I ask my fellow blogger to suggest me a fantasy novel she suggested me this book to read so yes, I’m gonna read this book and it’s a five-part series so I have to wrap up this book ASAP.

This is my first book in Fantasy Genre so I’m pretty excited.

So, what’s your current reading?

Feel free to share with me.

Till that,


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Published– 2014

Author– Caroline Kepnes

Genre– Suspense, Psychological thriller

Those people who had read this book will find this book one of a kind because I don’t think there is a book based on stalker life. I love Suspense Thriller book but this book is different from other books which I had ever read.

Maybe it’s uniqueness force me to read this book and as a reader I totally loved it the whole different dimension of this book.

About Story-

The story starts with Joe Goldberg who works at a bookstore and meet a beautiful girl Guinevere Beck. After a friendly conversation, Joe falls in love with Beck. Like every other person he tries to find her on social media to gather information about her.

Joe became obsessed about Beck and he begins stalking her and watching her every move, eager to make her fall for him.

His obsession leads him to do dreadful things like killing her boyfriend and even her best friend.

He does succeed in his dreadful event and Beck fall for her later in the story without knowing his darker side and the rest of the story is about how Beck get to know about Joe darker side and how she rescues herself from Joe.

My Insights

Caroline Kepnes, it’s her debut novel and she nailed it. I don’t know what she was thinking while writing this book but this book is one of its kind as I said earlier.

A very unique story and the way Joe narrating his thought, his justification was bit disturbing for me as a reader, but character like Joe always make a book page turner.

I totally liked and disliked the Joe Character as a stalker because whenever he is with Beck he becomes best boyfriend in the world and yes, he treats her good, make her realize that how much she is special for Joe.

But the things Joe did to get her was evil and there we see his darker side, an obsession for her which is harmful. And that’s made this book a Great Psychological Thriller.

I will recommend this book to everyone as it is a very intriguing book. Great to read because there is something new in this book which differentiate this book from other thriller book.

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

Don’t forget to share your opinion on the comment section.


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Published– 2017

Author– Rachel Caine

Genre– Mystery, Thriller Fiction

In a mystery thriller fiction, characters past needs proper justification otherwise readers will not find the book interesting. For me when it comes to mystery, thriller book I become very serious as I want a proper gripping and never ending suspense and this book ticks all the list of perfect mystery, thriller.

About Book-

Gina Royal living a perfect life with her loving husband and two beautiful children. As we all know only one mysterious event is requiring to begin any mystery thriller and here in this book that event was that when police found out a body of young girl in her garage. It’s turned out that Gina Royal loving husband is a serial killer who is responsible for killing innocent young girls in her garage. The strange thing was that She and her children were not aware about all this thing.

Gina don’t know her husband at all and her whole life was a lie. Although police had arrested her husband but it was public who were now haunting them as they think that she and her children has helped him, and she is running her whole life from them.

After this dreadful event she is living a new life as Gwen Proctor near Stillhouse Lake. The story took a turn when police discover a body in the lake and Gwen find herself somehow connected.

What happen next and how her past keeps on haunting her and how she deals with all these things are the rest of the story which reader have to find out by themselves.

My Insights-

When I finished this novel I fell in love with the writer “Rachel Caine”. The way she writes the book is “Perfect”.

This book is way too different from other mystery thriller as there is pace in the story from the starting till the end. I think writer know how to keep engage your readers, I never feel bored.

You know when you read any mystery thriller there will be a moment where you’ll feel disconnected from the story but in this book there is no such moment. It will hook you up from the first page to last page.

Rachel Caine has wonderfully shown the dark side of internet and what it can do to anyone. She has done a wonderful job in this book.

Gina Royal aka Gwen Proctor, although they both are the same woman but character wise they are opposite. Gina Royal beautiful, shy and a happy woman. She doesn’t know anything about this world, for her the world is her husband and children.

Gwen Proctor the warrior mom who can do anything for her children.

I really like this transformation and its really tell that people do change when they find out true color of their loved ones.

PSthe serial killer in this story is psycho and his character has made this book more intense and gripping as compare to other mystery thriller and also it’s a trilogy so as a reader we have to read all the books to know the climax.

SO, What’s your opinion about this Book?

Do you find this book interesting?

Don’t forget to share your opinion on the comment section.